Patricks Point State Park

Situated a mere thirty miles north of Eureka, Sue-meg State Park, previously Patrick’s Point State Park, is a lush haven perched on a promontory with a commanding view of the Pacific Ocean. Despite its compact size of just one square mile, the park is a treasure trove of exploration and adventure. A casual walk around the park’s edge provides opportunities to hunt for agates, delve into tide pools, and navigate through a dense array of shrubs and trees, all while observing the marine life including seals, sea lions, and migrating whales.

Journey into the park’s core to find a visitor center, a garden dedicated to indigenous plants, and a faithfully reconstructed Yurok plank-house village. The park features three campgrounds where visitors can partake in a picnic or wake up to the symphony of bird songs. During the summer months, visitors have the opportunity to witness a traditional ceremony at Sumêg Village or participate in a guided hike led by an informed docent or naturalist. At Sue-meg, each step uncovers a new fascination.


The weather at Sue-meg varies, with temperatures ranging from 40–65°F in the summer to 35–55°F in the winter. Fog is a common occurrence, often persisting for days during the summer. However, clear, sunny days are more prevalent in the spring and fall. The park experiences an average annual rainfall of about 60 inches, with the majority falling between October and April.

4150 Patricks Point Dr,
Trinidad, CA 95570